360 degree feedback builds leadership excellence.

In order to develop, leaders have to first understand what they need to change – and why. This is what the Bright360 Multirater Feedback tool is designed to discover. Our solution will help you find the optimum path to growth. We combine it with habit building sessions that set up a framework for new behaviors.

What are you interested in?

360 degree feedback custom built for your organization

We build multirater feedback surveys for organizations that seek to make feedback a part of their continuous leadership development process. From creating the survey to feedback sessions and follow-up workshops, we offer comprehensive service that focuses equally on the technological and human aspects of implementing 360.

Get feedback: our insightful 360 report will guide your development

Thanks to the Bright360 program, you will discover:

  • To what extent you focus on four key leadership roles – and whether you should increase or decrease your involvement in each of them.
  • What is your level of 12 leadership competencies: which are your strengths and which are your weaknesses,
  • What development strategies you can apply to develop around your strengths and manage weaker areas,
  • How to build good habits in leading others.

Certification and partner program for coaches / trainers

Our 360 degree feedback tool is an excellent resource for professionals who support leaders’ development. For each of the 12 competencies we have a set of developmental exercises to create habits, and a feedback method designed to ensure clarity and support change. Our certification process will provide you with the tools and insights you need to interpret reports and use them to help your clients grow.

About us

Bright360 solutions is a business unit of UBD SA. Since 1994, UBD has supported the development of tens of thousands of leaders to develop their competencies and succeed in a fast changing world.

We provide diagnostics, skills training, development consulting and research services for the largest companies in Europe. Our 360 degree feedback solutions are used by clients such as Danone, Atlas Copco, Heineken, Emitel and many others.

Our mission is to increase leaders’ awareness and develop their competencies. We deliver these results through our 360 solutions combined with an action-oriented debrief: we focus on developing strengths, sharing best practices based on predicative data, and building constructive habits that deliver real professional change and measurable business results.

The Bright360 Report: a virtual guide